JamixMart is set to provide an e-commerce solution with the goal to provide an easy to use, low cost online store solution with advanced e-commerce functionionality incorporating powerful social sales tools.

Easy to use: By simply signing up for a JamixMart account, you can instantly get a professional looking, ready to use online store. You can change the theme with a single click.

Low Cost: JamixMart provides free accounts (100 free items with the basic account), so you can start an online store with zero initial cost. There is no set up fee, no transaction fees and no hidden charges. The best part is if your online business takes off and you want to more advanced features, you can easily upgrade your account anytime.

JamixMart provides almost all the advanced e-commerce functions that you can find online, such as best-selling product listings, related products, coupons, discounts, customer loyalty program, newsletters.



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