Cummins Calterm III v4.3.1.011

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Cummins Calterm III v4.3.1.011
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All engines products available in the PMD 2.1.8: BKR, BIA/BIB, BLN, BLO, BLP, BLQ, BLR.

New Features:
- Tuning - Integrated Calibration Development.
- Calibration Tuning Widget.
- CBF File Converter.
- Calibration History Download.
- Confirm Tool Address.
- Multi Datalink Channel support.

- Send Operation (New UI + adding send Operation by ID).
- Cal Compare and Cal Document (New UI).
- CRC Validation - Auto Detect file type.
- Unlock Tool - Making Windows resizable, details on the eventlog.
- Combining CaltermCLI.exe into Calterm.exe.

License for 1 PC.
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Product added on: 05/25/19

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