Cummins Calterm III v4.6.0.044

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Cummins Calterm III v4.6.0.044
New product support:

New Features:
ICD Vision Work:
- Adding an ability to compare tuning values and tuning value ranges across programs and mainlines in the tabular and graphical views.
- Adding an ability from the integrator and sub-feature owner levels to enforce or by pass of using tuning widget for tuning.
- Adding an ability to communicate with the other tuners and with the feature developers via skype messenger and outlook.
- Adding an ability to send the reminders to the other tuners and ability to remind the due date of the tuning tasks.
- Adding an ability to add tip and tricks for the tuning features to help other tuners.
- Adding an ability to show the status of the submitted tuned features.
- Adding an ability to perform the automatic update the tuning assignment when Cummins network is available or by defined schedule.
- Full XCP Write feature.
- Calibration Upload with defined custom blocks to support the ECM warranty work.
- HexEditor: Improve UI to be able to retrieve multiple hex blocks and writing blocks of the hex data to a file.
- FaultMonitor: New fault screen to show all the fault information in the same time.

License for 1 PC.

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