Cummins INCAL Tool 2022

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Cummins INCAL Tool 2022
Feature Highlights:
-INCAL to CAL conversion.
-Modified CAL to INCAL (for programming vehicles via INSITE w/modified calibration files).
-Repack New INCAL for use on Older INSITE (7.6.x).
-Repack Old INCAL for use on Newer INSITE (8.7.x).
-Repack ANY INCAL to remove all passwords.
-Change Starting Date for INCAL discs so they never expire.
-Ability to create INCAL discs from scratch with custom settings with the push of a button.

-Added functionality for INSITE 8.7.3 and higher.
-Fixed corruption bug when using "Any to NoPass" feature.
-Added more compatibility for high DPI and higher resolution monitors.
-Modified text on "Repack type" to be more realistic / simple.

License for 1 PC.

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Product added on: 01/17/22

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